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5 days ago

In this episode of the Mindset Matters podcast, Patrick and Steffany continue to delve deeper into their ongoing discussion of habits versus discipline. They point out that while creating habits represent the actions we hope to perform automatically without much thought, discipline embodies the deliberate and intentional actions necessary to achieve desired outcomes. This episode continues to unpack why they believe discipline holds greater importance than habits, emphasizing the need for thoughtful and intentional effort to drive personal growth and success.
Think Tank

Thursday May 16, 2024

In the latest episode of the Mindset Matters podcast, hosts Steffany Hanlen-Francey and Patrick Francey discuss the critical role of mindset, leadership strategies, and personal values in achieving success and fulfillment, especially during transformative times.
The episode explores the "Six Key Strategies for Leaders," based on a study by business experts. These strategies include self-care, leading with values, seeking opportunities, reassessing purpose, redefining winning, and creating energy. Steffany and Patrick emphasize the necessity of self-care for effective leadership, the importance of core values for providing stability and direction, and the need for leaders to actively seek innovative responses to challenges. They also stress the importance of continuously realigning an organization's mission with current global needs, valuing societal impact alongside financial success, and building a positive company culture.
In addition to these strategies, Steffany and Patrick address a debate where some critics dismiss the importance of mindset, advocating instead for a "just do it" approach. Steffany counters by pointing out that a proactive, action-oriented mindset is itself a mindset. They argue that a strong mindset is essential for achieving long-term success and balance in all areas of life.
Throughout the episode, personal anecdotes and reflections from Steffany and Patrick enrich the discussion, providing practical insights and relatable examples. Steffany shares her recent achievements and how they tie into her lifelong commitment to using technology in coaching, while Patrick emphasizes the lessons learned from years of coaching real estate investors and business owners.
This episode of Mindset Matters reinforces the critical role of mindset and values in leadership, offering listeners actionable strategies to navigate challenges and align their actions with their core values, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and successful life.

Tuesday May 14, 2024

In this episode of the Everyday Millionaire podcast, Patrick Francey and Steve Saretsky take a deep dive into Vancouver and British Columbia’s real estate markets, uncovering critical challenges and emerging trends that all investors and homeowners should know about. Despite efforts to curb speculation, Vancouver remains one of the most expensive cities in North America due to high immigration rates, a persistent supply-demand imbalance, and strict financing conditions that restrict developers from increasing new housing supply.
Landlords face increasingly harsh rent control measures, which often limit them to the point of either selling their properties or moving in themselves. The government’s recent flipping tax imposes a 20% levy on pre-sale contracts, even if purchased before the new legislation took effect. While designed to reduce speculation, it ends up discouraging investment and penalizing skilled tradespeople who are restoring older properties that could increase housing supply. Combine that with the fact that roughly 30% of new home construction costs are eaten up by government taxes and fees, and it's clear why new projects struggle to get off the ground.
In this engaging conversation, Francey and Saretsky highlight why diversification is essential. They explore how, when denominated in gold, Vancouver real estate prices have actually declined, underscoring the value of precious metals and foreign currencies in safeguarding investments. Maintaining liquidity, too, is vital amid rising inflation and a potential recession. With developers eyeing US real estate markets due to friendlier regulations, they discuss how Alberta remains a promising option domestically, but with a cautionary note about potential overbuilding.
Curious about how these insights can help you navigate the turbulent market ahead? Tune in to the podcast to hear how Saretsky’s deep understanding of market dynamics can give you the edge you need. Learn about strategic opportunities, emerging trends, and critical risks in the ever-evolving world of real estate.

Thursday May 09, 2024

Join Patrick and Steffany on this episode of Mindset Matters as they delve into the intriguing question: Habits or Discipline—what does it truly take to achieve the goals or visions we aspire to in our lives? Habits, at some level, we all have them, and ideally, we possess more good habits than bad ones. Countless voices suggest that cultivating good, or even great habits is the key to success. Best-selling books abound on breaking bad habits and forging new, positive ones. Yet, through our own experiences and observations, we've arrived at a different conclusion. It's not about adopting new habits, in fact, the term may not even be relevant.
What truly matters is discipline—a steadfast commitment to our future selves, fueled by self-love and a vision of who we aspire to become.
Tune in to Mindset Matters as we explore the transformative power of discipline in realizing our aspirations.

Thursday May 02, 2024

Join Patrick and Steffany for this episode of the Mindset Matters podcast as they explore the dynamics and the fine line between kindness and niceness. Delve into why being labeled 'a nice guy' might not always be a compliment for men. Discover how sincere empathy and authentic connections distinguish kindness from superficial niceties, unraveling the deeper motivations behind these two qualities and behaviors, and their impact on others."  For the powerful women out there, if you have ever been called a BITCH here is why you can take it as a compliment!  Listen in to find out why!

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Jeff Booth is a visionary leader, technology entrepreneur, Founding Partner at ego death capital and best-selling author of The Price of Tomorrow – Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future.  With a profound grasp of technology, system thinking, and design, he stands at the forefront of a shift from an outdated economic model to one designed for tomorrow. 
Jeff's insights and achievements have earned him the BC Technology Industry Association's Person of the Year in 2015 and in October 2023, he was honored with induction into the prestigious BCTIA's Hall of Fame.  Furthermore, in 2016, he gained recognition from Goldman Sachs, who named him one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs. 
In addition to his work investing and helping entrepreneurs build on the rails of Bitcoin, he is a Co-Founder of addy and NocNoc. Jeff also actively serves on the boards of Fedi, and Breez, in addition to several advisory boards. A dedicated member of the Young Presidents Organization since 2004, he further contributes as a Founding Fellow at the Creative Destruction Lab.
In this episode, Jeff and Patrick continue their conversation that began in 2022 about the current financial system, the decentralization and security of Bitcoin, ways to protect our capital and store value, plus the unlearning that may be required to do so. Jeff shares some digestible, simple concepts around Bitcoin, its perceived transactional inability, inflation (money manipulation), and the deflationary nature of technology. Jeff’s optimism for the future includes a call to curiousity, and encouragement to open our minds and our hearts and move our time and energy into learning about the new system, the optimism therein, and the connection it creates.

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Join Patrick and Steffany for this episode of Mindset Matters Podcast as they delve into the topic of achieving life-work balance, is there such a thing, can it be done!? In their insightful discussion, they explore how the 5 Cs – communication, collaboration, commitment, creativity, and compassion – play a pivotal role in finding equilibrium between personal and professional life. Together they share some practical strategies and invaluable insights to harmonize your life and work effectively based on your guiding values.  Listen in to enrich your mindset and elevate your well-being.

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Join Patrick and Steffany on this episode of the Mindset Matters Podcast as they delve into the realms of decision-making. In this discussion, they explore the challenges that often accompany the process of making decisions, ranging from the seemingly insignificant to the monumental. They consider the complexities we all face when confronted with choices, shedding light on the paradoxical nature of indecision and the allure of relinquishing responsibility. Patrick and Steffany do their best to navigate the psychological intricacies within decision-making, including the fears of commitment and the hesitancy to shut down options. Drawing from their personal experiences and business insights, they examine the interplay between choice and consequence, shining a light on the power of embracing decisive action. Tune in as they peel back the layers of decision-making, offering perspective on how to navigate how to empower yourself to cultivate a mindset for effective decision-making.

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Dr. Traci Lynn, known as “The 100,000,000 Woman,” is a legendary entrepreneur who transformed a mere $200 into a $100million direct sales dynasty with her brand, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry. Renowned for empowering thousands of women around the world, she’s grown her company to one of the largest in the direct sales industry, with nearly 100,000 consultants. Her achievements have earned her a spot among the top 50 direct sales companies in the U.S. and features in Essence, Black Enterprise, and The Huffington Post. As a celebrated speaker, and role model, Traci inspires with her journey of resilience, excellence, and dedication to helping others achieve success. She is now on a mission to help female Entrepreneurs take their life and business to the next level so they can live the life they always knew they were created to live.
In this episode, Dr. Traci Lynn shares her entrepreneurial journey from a very young age, and from whom she derived her influence and tenacity. Traci built her business steadily and organically and her focus and vision have always been to empower women and build the relationships first – then the money naturally followed. Traci discusses how she scaled her business and built the successful and sustainable model that exists today. It certainly did not happen overnight, nor was it easy. As a lifelong lover of learning, Traci shares how she prioritizes herself and fills her own cup so that she can be the powerful force she is who is now pouring out all the knowledge, experience and lessons learned to anyone willing to listen and to learn. Listen in and be inspired!

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with Patrick and Steffany in the latest episode of "Mindset Matters," where they delve deeper into the pivotal theme of 2024: "Clarity Equals Velocity." Discover why clarity isn't just a buzzword but a fundamental cornerstone that shapes every facet of our existence.
In this insightful discussion, Patrick and Steffany explore how committing to clarity in our goals, relationships, communication, and values is the catalyst for experiencing unprecedented momentum and velocity in our lives. However, achieving clarity requires more than mere wishful thinking—it demands deliberate, mindful effort.
Join them as they unravel the intricate layers of clarity, revealing it as not only essential work but a profound commitment to becoming the best version of ourselves and unlocking the true essence of living our best lives. Don't miss out on this empowering episode that promises to ignite a newfound sense of purpose and direction in your journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.


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